Mel’s Library
These books have been so helpful, so filled with knowledge, or have inspired me so much, I can’t think of not reading them. It’s an Amazon Affiliate store, but there’s only a few books — I’m only recommending the ones I feel are worth re-reading and using as a reference for years to come. The store is meant more for your convenience than my income.

Income from this site goes towards food and mortgage. If you have an independent bookstore still in your town, please support them (and your community) with your business.

Seed Saving Guide
High Mowing Seed’s resource for instructions on processing seeds.

Free compost from collected city sources in Tacoma.

Nature Find
National Wildlife Foundation map and services search — find an outdoor experience near you.

Blueberry Park
A 20-acre abandoned blueberry farm, rehabilitated to provide free U-Pick berries to the public, located in South End Tacoma.

Pierce County Beekeepers’ Association
Offers classes on beekeeping, advice, and networking.

Washington Outdoor Women
Teaches outdoor skills without the spittin’ and scratchin’ (just kidding, guys!)

Wild Food Adventures
Retreats and workshops to instruct on foraging and preparing foraged foods.

Earthwalk Northwest
Primitive living classes (foraging, homestading, crafting….)


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