I love watching her drink. I love watching her eat.

I love watching her flop sideways to the floor, suddenly boneless, and sleep.

And then she leans up and yawns with a tongue that rolls out.

She’s my new composter, and I can’t stop watching her.

Even when she does nothing at all.

The rabbit, a lovable composter

Athena is a Flemish Giant rabbit, in a fairly rare steel color. She is 4 months old and 20 inches long. Raised in an outdoor pen, then transferred to an outdoor hutch to await sale, this outdoor rabbit was brought home and placed in my office. The second day she was here, she voluntarily started using a litter box. The third, she broke out of her 3′ x4′ cage and was so polite, she’s been allowed to roam my office freely ever since.

The Flemish breed are known for their size and friendliness. Whenever Athena hears me or my fella come into the room, she rushes over for attention.

I’d been vacillating over getting a rabbit for almost a year, since I fell in love with a hard-luck rabbit my close friend was given.

Last year, I answered a Craiglist ad from a man who was cleaning out a barn that used to hold several rabbits. I gladly carted the manure home, and filled my garden with the material.

Thus started the most lush and amazing garden I’ve ever had, and sold me on the idea of a rabbit as a green pet, a worker, a helpful critter for an urban gardener.

So now Athena is here. She eats a variety of greens, but devours dandelions. She is a digger, and shreds any paper I give to her. She’s helping to make my garden green, and keeping me company as I work at home.

I just adore her.