As you may know, I am a proponent of free and cheap gardening, a hobby and for anyone who wants to grow decoration and food.

Not too long ago, I came home to a beaming fella, who unveiled a new garden bed that he built at the front of our house. Hooray! It’s a bit rough right now, but it will be a nice landscaping point that we can continue to improve upon over time.

Items used:

  • Box boards, nails, stakes: Recycled from a rotten deck that we ripped apart in May.
  • Lining/weedblock: Extra-thick cardboard reused from appliance packaging.
  • Soil: Tagro, free from the city to anyone willing to shovel and drive it home.


  • Nasturtiums: Gifted transplants
  • Gladiolas (hiding in the back): Gifted bulblets
  • Columbine: Split transplant
  • Lavender: Rescued from community garden compost pile

It adds a bit of color and fun to the front of our house. You can’t have enough fun.