I’m one of those annoying people that likes to get taxes out of the way in February, so I’ve been sitting on this tip for some time. However, even the procrastinators out there should be ready to hear this:

Compost your shreds.

That’s right, take your information security to the next level by stuffing your black and white, shredded documents into your compost pile. Not only does this count as a “brown” addition that soaks up extra moisture and makes your resident worms (if you’ve got ‘em) delirious with joy, but a compost bin is the one place that no one wants to paw through.

Shred the tax booklets and compost ‘em. And since a U.S. resident only needs 7 years of tax reports, bust out the 2001 forms and shred them, too.

What else have you put in your compost? Let us know in the comments below!